Gotham Looking For Its Bruce Wayne

The upcoming Fox television drama Gotham has released a casting call for a young Bruce Wayne. Because the show will focus on a young Jim Gordon that is a rookie in the police force, there will be no Batman, only a 10 year old Bruce Wayne that has just lost his parents.

Jim Gordon will be the focus of the new show.
Jim Gordon will be the focus of the new show.

“The casting call is for a 10-year old Bruce Wayne, and the role is described as a series regular,” announced on its site earlier today. It went on to state that the show will open with homicide detective Jim Gordon investigating the deaths of Gotham’s great family, Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Gotham has been described as an origin story for both Commissioner Gordon, the villains of Gotham, and apparently will also showcase the beginning of Batman himself. The show, helmed by The Mentalist creator Bruno Heller, will begin shooting in March 2014.

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