Tim Seeley On a Batman Rogues Version of ‘Deadpool’

by Alexander Cerola
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Tim Seeley, writer of famed Image horror title Hack/Slash, hints to Newsarama that his upcoming two-part story for Talon will feature the Batman rogues version of ‘Deadpool’, Lord Death Man. Many may remember Lord Death Man from Grant Morrison’s runway hit Batman Inc. Introduced as Mr. Unknown’s arch nemesis, Lord Death Man has the uncanny ability to simply never stay dead. The last readers saw their death-obsessed immortal rogue Lord Death Man was strapped down by Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins to be studies and experimented on because… wait for it… His blood has properties similar to the Lazarus pits!


Obscure character limbo hell that is...

Obscure character limbo hell that is…


Seeley continued on with the interview with where his story in the Talon universe takes place and what readers should expect. “My story takes place after Calvin has become resurrected as one of the undead Talons. He was temporarily killed by Bane, and they brought him back. And now he’s dealing with being an undead character, wanting to get his humanity back. So our story is about that quest. And it picks up after the end of Batman, Inc., actually.”

Seeley touched upon Lord Death Man’s purpose.

“Yeah, Ra’s Al Ghul’s people figured out a way to create new Lazarus Pits by strapping Lord Death Man to some kind of a machine. His power is that he couldn’t die, for unknown reasons.So we’re going to pick up the threads on that, with Calvin looking for a cure for being undead, it will lead him to Lord Death Man.”

As readers can see, Tim Seeley certainly has an exciting arc with a interesting lead villain. Tom Seeley explains why Lord Death Man makes such an interesting villain in the Batman mythos.

“Yeah, I think I was born to write his dialogue, because the way Grant wrote him — I mean, it’s a weird character to begin with, because he’s an old Batman villain from the ’60s, who the Batman manga re-introduced as Lord Death Man. And then Grant Morrison picked up on that and introduced him again as a sort of extension of that manga version. So his dialogue sort of sounds like he’s been translated from some other language. He just says crazy things out of nowhere. So that was what I kind of grabbed onto, and I think he’s pretty funny.

Yet horrifying. He’s kind of, like the Batman villain version of Deadpool.”

Tim Seeley will introduce Lord Death Man in Talon #16. 

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Source: Newsarama


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