Jerome “Jerry” Fine Dies At 97.

by Graham MacDougall
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You can be excused for not recognizing the name, Jerry Fine didn’t create any speedsters in red tights, he didn’t write the penultimate run on The Dark Knight, but he played his part in helping create The Man of Steel. 1JERRYFINE

Back in the early 1930’s Jerry Fine had discovered that his good friend Joe Shuster was transferring to Glenville High School.

“Joe and I went to elementary school together and he was always an amazing artist,” Fine said in 2009 at the first (and only) meeting of the Siegel and Shuster families in Cleveland. “I remember he created the most incredible coloured maps and he showed me how he did it. We did a comic strip together for the newspaper called ‘Jerry The Journalist,” where I was depicted as a grasshopper.”

So Jerome urged Joe to look up his cousin who went to GHS, a kid by the name of Jerry Siegel.

“He did and they started working together at the Glenville Torch,” Fine said. “The rest is history, isn’t it?”

Jerome didn’t think up Superman, he didn’t give life to the idea by putting The Man of Tomorrow down on paper, but without the kind suggest from Jerome that Jerry and Joe should meet up, we wouldn’t have a Superman and who knows what the comic book industry would look like today. Just goes to show what how a single chance interaction can change the world forever.

Thank you Jerome, and may you rest in peace.

Source: Cleveland

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