Brad Meltzer to “Rewrite” the First Batman Story in ‘Detective Comics’ #27

by Joey Garces
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The comic book writer Juggernaut that is Brad Meltzer will be taking time off from his host duties on the History channel’s show “Decoded” so that he will contribute something very special to Detective Comics #27. The comic honors the 75th anniversary celebration for The Dark Knight, it will be 100+ pages long and will feature other contributions from heavyweights such as Scott Snyder, Mike W. Barr, John Layman and many other writers.

For his part thought Mr. Meltzer will team with artist Bryan Hitch to reboot “The Case of The Chemical Syndicate”, the short made by Bob Kane and Bill Finger that started the Batman legacy in 1939’s Detective Comics #27.

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For those of you unfamiliar with the story it is the first time Batman is introduced as he solves a murder with Commissioner Gordon’s help and punches the killer responsible into a vat of chemicals (sound familiar?). We also don’t even know who the Batman even is until the very end where we discover billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne is the Caped Crusader.

When asked about the issue Mr. Meltzer said the following :

“Dan DiDio knew this was my weakness because Batman is the pinnacle for me. We’ve always been talking about that, and he said that since it was the 75th anniversary of Batman, they wanted to honor that first story. To me, that’s something you can’t pass on.”

So be sure to pick up your copy of ‘Detective Comics’ #27 on Jan. 8th!

Source: Comicbookresources


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