The Green Team #7 Review: What Comes After the Kitchen Sink?

by Daniel Gehen
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SPOILER WARNING: No one’s reading this title, so we’re telling all! Or not.

As The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires continues its march towards finality, they must deal with both Bellachek Temple—an amalgam of every B-movie villain ever created—and their teammate, J.P., who has turned into a werewolf. Though that may seem like enough for one issue; there’s more! The team also contends with the death of another teammate, Cecilia, as well as the return of Riot.

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If nothing else, writers Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani have chosen to finish their series with a bang. Here, Baltazar and Aureliani put the pieces in motion for the bombastic conclusion next month. Despite the plethora of plot elements, the writers have crafted a well-paced story in the space of 22 pages. There are some genuine surprises, particularly the final page revelation. In a series that has floundered over the course of three issues to the point of imminent cancellation, this is glimpse of the potential this title possessed.

Ig Guara’s art continues to be strong. It’s a blend of realism and stylization that captures sense of fun and energy which perfectly complements Baltazar and Aureliani’s writing.

GT 7b


There are a few moments that are genuine head-scratchers which, given the limited issues remaining (one), will likely never be explained. Cecilia, for starters, has possibly the shortest death in the history of comics. Her resurrection is her just appearing out of thin air. That’s it. On the same page, J.P. turns back into a regular guy through…magic? The power of love? It’s completely unclear and confusing.

As enjoyable as Ig Guara’s art is, there are a few moments during the fight sequences where it is difficult to understand what is happening. Aside from that, bravo Mr. Guara.

Verdict (4/5)


The Green Team #7 is what this series should have been: fun and interesting. While the elements were in place for much of the series, the execution was consistently lacking. It appears that Baltazar and Aureliani have finally found their footing. Though it may be “too little, too late,” The Green Team may end up joining Vibe and Sword of Sorcery as a fondly remembered New 52 title that was taken from us too soon.

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