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by Cameron Clark
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Charles Soule, who is currently writing Superman/Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, and Red Lanterns, did an AMA session on Reddit today.  During the AMA Soule covered a wide range of topics touching on everything from the books he is currently writing to providing career advice for aspiring law students.

Several questions addressed his work on Superman/Wonder Woman.  When asked what he thought the core of Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship was he responded, “Hopefully it comes out in the book – they see things in each other that are similar, that the rest of the world doesn’t really have, so they can relate to each other in a unique way. But, they’re different enough for it to remain fresh and surprising.”

Later he was asked how difficult it is to write Supergirl as a Red Lantern, seeing as how powerful she is already.  He states, “It’s more about her being part of a group, a team, then it is the specific powers. It’s about the people around her, mostly. That said, we have given her existing power set a few cool Red Lantern tweaks.”  He also said that he knew Supergirl would “make a good Red Lantern because the minute I had the idea, I could see story ideas spinning out, and character interactions. That’s how you know it’s a good idea, usually.

When asked how he felt about the New 52 from a writer’s perspective he responded, “I think the New 52 was a huge success from a storytelling perspective. Shook things up, opened new doors, made people look at old stories in new ways – great stuff, and that’s not just because I work for them.”

There are a lot more questions and answers regarding Swamp Thing, Guy Gardner, favorite classic literature, and writing technique.  You can read the full AMA session here.


Source: Reddit

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