Brian Keene Explains Departure From Five Years Later/Future’s End

by Graham MacDougall
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Brian Keene had originally been announced to work on Future’s End alongside Jeff Lemire, Brian Azzarello, and others. We’ve now learned that he’s pulled out because he felt it wasn’t quite for him:

I’d previously said “No” to many other projects for 2014, because at the time (as reported by Bleeding Cool and The Outhousers), I was meant to be one of the writers for a weekly comic series from DC Comics launching later this year (I’d also been in talks to take over Animal Man at the end of Jeff Lemire’s run, and possibly do something withBooster Gold). Unfortunately, two months into the weekly project, I decided that I wouldn’t be a good fit. Professionalism dictates I say no more than that, but the split was amicable, and I’ve nothing but respect and good regards for those still involved. However, it does leave me in a unique position. I’d declined to take on other work for this year, anticipating the churn of writing a weekly comic book series. So, now I find myself able to truly look at the list of books I’m already contracted for (mentioned above) and confidently say that I can complete them all this year

unless I get hit by a bus or something. But that’s not a resolution.

The silver lining to Keene leaving Future’s End is that he may possibly bring us the Booster Gold comic that we’ve all been craving every since The New 52 began.

Source: BrianKeene

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