Description of Gadot’s Wonder Woman Costume

by Cameron Clark
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A possible description of Wonder Woman’s costume for the Man of Steel sequel was provided to by their DC Entertainment source.

According to the costume will be similar to those found in 300 or Greek Mythology.  The top will be red and made to look like leather armor, and will include the Golden Eagle breast plate.  The crown and wrist bracelets are also in the design, as are the knee-high, red boots.’s source also believes that the lower part of Wonder Woman’s costume will be a “dark blue skirt with a belt around the top where a sword and lasso hang from. The source also believes Wonder Woman will have a round gold and black shield and possibly a red cape that sits to the right hand side.”

Gadot is also supposed to be on a 3500 calorie diet and training with 300 trainer, Mark Twight, in order to fulfill her role as Wonder Woman.

Source: Cosmic Book News

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