Francis Manapul Making Guest Appearance on Batwoman #27

by Cameron Clark
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Batwoman has definitely had more ups and downs recently than most titles, and the upcoming Batwoman #27 is no exception.  Francis Manapul (Flash co-writer/artist) recently announced he would be collaborating with current Batwoman artist, Jeremy Haun.

On Manapul’s website he said, “Just before the holidays I got a call from one of my editors asking me for a favor.  Now usually that’s followed up by a last-minute cover request with a quick turn-around time. Instead, she opened by telling me her request was rather unconventional. With the holiday season shortening many of the deadlines, regular Batwoman artist Jeremy Haun came up with a neat solution to that problem.”

In this issue, Kate is depicted falling from a building, which culminates in a series of two-page dream sequences/flashbacks.  Manapul said, “The idea was for me to come in for the double page spreads, collaborating with Jeremy’s art. I drew the dream sequence while working in Jeremy’s art of Kate in free fall.”

To learn more about the process you can read the full post here.  You can see some of the rough drafts of the finished product below.


Source: Francis Manapul’s Website

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