“New 52: Future’s End” will bring us TERRY MCGINNIS

by Damian Fasciani
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In recent history one of the all time most popular Batman shows was and still is, ‘Batman: The animated Series’ which was created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. Associated with this series were a host of other shows that eventually formed the DC animated universe. Even with the huge success of ‘Batman: the animated series’ the innovation evolved bringing the fans ‘Batman Beyond’ which was set in the future. The show was centred around Terry McGinnis who is trained and mentored by an older Bruce Wayne. Today the show is still popular and Terry McGinnis is centred within the recent digital title, ‘Batman Beyond 2.0’. Given all this though, the character has not been part of the popular DC Universe fans have grown to love. Until now.

Terry McGinnis will now be part of the new weekly instalments of, ‘Future’s End’. Kyle Higgins (Batman Beyond 2.0 writer) recently confirmed the good news in an interview saying that the image of “Batman” in the awesome cover art designed by Ryan Sook is in fact Terry McGinnis (below).

Future End

Let’s welcome Terry McGinnis to the DC Universe!


“DC is introducing a New 52 version of Terry McGinnis in [‘Futures End’], but that is completely unrelated to what we’re doing in ‘Batman Beyond 2.0,'” Higgins told CBR in a recent BAT SIGNAL. “The version we’re exploring is a continuation of the animated continuity. I’m as interested as anyone to see what the New 52 version of Terry will be like, but I don’t know much beyond that.”

Brian Azzarello confirmed that Terry McGinnis would be returning saying, “I just needed a character from the future”.

“And that was the only one I knew. [Laughs] I thought we needed a hook — we needed somebody big, and somebody that hadn’t really appeared in The New 52 yet. Since we were dealing with this jump into the future, it made sense to bring in Terry McGinnis.”

Do not assume that we will be seeing the same Terry from “Batman Beyond 2.0” in this series, Brian Azzarello goes on saying, “He’s got the same costume, I think. Is he different? Yes. It’s different, it’s New 52. It’s from a different sort of future. Is it going to be recognizable? Yes. Is he going to have differences? Yes, of course he’s going to have differences. I’m not going to tell you what they are.”

Source: comicbookresources 

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