Alan Moore Leaves Public Eye, Refuses Interviews and Public Speakings.

Alan Moore has declared himself retired from the public eye DC fans.

Alan Moore, the writer behind such acclaimed works as Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow, The Killing JokeWatchmen, Swamp Thing, From Hell, Lost Girls, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, has left the public eye. According to The Escapist, Moore participated in an interview with the blogger site Slovobooks to clear up allegations on his perceptive use of female and minority characters. Yet as the interview continued it became clear Moore wasn’t simply answering criticism over his writing methods but addressing his greviances against critics, fans of the comic medium, and other writers.

Alan Moore addressed Grant Morrison and his [Grant Morrison’s] work: “While [Morrison] is clearly not the only reason why I have come to feel actual revulsion for the greater part of today’s comic world, he has probably done more than any other single individual to foul its atmosphere and make it unbreathable with his ongoing reeking incontinence.”
For the fans that might feel a bit lost, Alan Moore is known to accuse Grant Morrison of imitating his[Moore’s] work which Alan Moore believes is why Morrison is so successful in comics medium.

The Escapist listed a critic by the name of Laura Sneddon who Moore accuses of “breaking confidentiality agreements to spoil the ending of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century for the Independent.” Sneddon has responded to Moore’s accusations over Twitter stating: “I’m actually astounded at how many lies are in that. Far beyond just being grumpy to being outright poisonous … For a creator to bully a reviewer in such a way is incredible. As I say I have all the permissions I was given saved.”

Though Alan Moore’s accusation at this time bare no evidence as of yet, Laura Sneddon is reviewing current defamation laws for what may be legal action soon. Grant Morrison hasn’t replied yet, but a wonderful interview with his thoughts upon their one-sided rivalry can be found via Comic Beat.

Again, as of now there is little evidence on many of Moore’s allegations and as of now should be considered hear-say.

Source: The Escapist, Slovobooks.