Robert Venditti and Charles Soule discuss Green Lantern /Red Lanterns

by Alexander Cerola
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Green Lantern and Red Lanterns will be combine this February into a spectacular double issue for $2.99, both covers included.

A crisis stirs in the depths of Sector 2814 and only the combined forces of the Green Lantern Corp and Red Lanterns can face. Earth and Ysmault hang in the balance as Hal Jordan, now leading the Green Lantern Corp, second guesses his decision of leaving Sector 2814 to Guy Gardner and his Red Lanterns. Who or what is threatening the entirety of Sector 2814? Why is Hal doubting long time friends and partner Guy Gardner?

Charles Soule explains to Newsarama. “The main through-line of story in the flip book is that there’s a new Red Lantern discovered in Green territory, and it’s very surprising to Hal. “He felt like he could trust Guy to do the right thing. And the mystery of who that character is, how that character was created, and how both Guy and Hal deal with that character is really a big part of that story. It ends up that Hal and Guy have a lot of unresolved issues about the how 2814 thing. Hal is not aware, necessarily, of how Guy has been sort of running with things. So that’s got to be resolved. And they have a lot of other unresolved issues, and tension with each other. So that’s a big part of it. But we also layer in existing plot lines in each of our respective books so that you’ll come away with a nice status quo change for both books. You’ll learn about a lot of things. And you’ll be able to just keep reading the books and run with them.”

Robert Venditti explains to Comic Book Resources. “It’s such a huge discovery that happens with this new Red Lantern that it mandates, despite all the plotlines going on in the books, that this is a situation they have to deal with immediately, because of what it could mean and the potential repercussions of it. “That’s how the Red Lanterns and the Green Lanterns come together. I will also point out that there’s a unique bit of synergy as it comes out the fifth. That Saturday is February 8, 2014 — so it’s 2814!”

Now a gargantuan riddle lurks within Lantern fans’ minds… What’s Supergirl’s reason for joining the Red Lanterns?

Charles Soule gives a hint to Comicosity. “There are things going on in the Red storyline that allow for the team’s membership to get expanded a bit, and I also knew that DC is always open to hearing interesting new ideas about the characters, particularly ones that help to emphasize the cohesiveness of the universe. It’s been pretty clear that Kara’s been dealing with a lot of anger – so it makes sense that a red ring might find her. But that’s not where it ends. The ring is just the beginning of Kara’s story with the Reds. We’re treating it almost as therapy, and we’ll get some cool beats out of it, both in Red Lanterns as well as the main SUPERGIRL title Tony [Bedard]’s writing.”

DC Comics blog also listed some artwork from both issues by Billy Tan and Alessandro Vitti.







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Source: DC Comics Blog

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