Batman #27 (ZERO YEAR PART 7) Review: Gordon and Batman Are Best Friends

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This review contains spoilers

Dark City continues this week in Batman #27, as Batman is on the run from the GCPD while trying to track down Doctor Death and The Riddler at the same time. We learn more about Gordon’s first days in Gotham, and an apparent connection to the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Snyder and Capullo press forward to the fast approaching conclusion of Dark City.

Pictured: The start of an eternal bromance


The colours are amazing, and the art is absolutely outstanding. Capullo draws the best Batman in years. I’d go as far to say that FCO is the best colourist in comic right now. Alright, glad we got that out of the way.

Scott Snyder brings one of the most emotional issues of his run. Commissioner Gordon’s story of his early days in Gotham is absolutely heart breaking and felt like a punch to the gut. Speaking of Gordon, Snyder is doing an excellent job in fleshing out his relationship with Batman that we know and love from the present day stories. In the last issue Batman was pissed off at Gordon, as he believed he was corrupt. We hear Gordon’s side of the Trench coat story, and learn that he was never as corrupt as Bruce thought he was. Their conversation on the boat is probably the best part of this issue.

Compared to #26, we see a lot more Batman action this time around. The opening fight is pretty great, and anytime time we get to see the Zero Year suit in action (much like Batman #24) it’s a real treat.



The monologues can drag on at times, and it get really wordy. Other than that, i don’t really have many complaints with the issue itself. We have to wait until March for the next part of Zero Year, but we are going to get a great look into the future with Batman #28 in February.

The “Yo-Yo Gun”, the most devastating tool in the arsenal of the Bat.


Batman #27 is definitely one of the better Zero Year issues. We get tons of Batman action, as well as some great character moments from Gordon. Solid art and writing all around. The only bad part is waiting until March for the next part of the story!

Batman just went to THAT part of the internet.

Batman #27 is written by Scott Snyder with pencils by Greg Capullo, Inks by Danny Miki, and Colours by FCO. It is available in print or digitally for $3.99USD

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