Nyssa, Daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul Debuts on Arrow

by Joey Garces
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Not the Al Ghul daughter we’re all used to but nonetheless still Heir To The Demon, Nyssa, half-sister to Talia, is ready to breakout in next week’s episode of Arrow.

Arrow continues its streak of adding fresh faces to the cast and with Nyssa set to make an appearance she joins an already outstanding supporting cast that has debuted in Season 2 which includes Brother Blood, The League of Assassins, Professor Ivo and more.

Nyssa Raatko, as she is known in the comics, will be played by Katrina Law of Spartacus. She will appear in the episode with the intent to persuade Sara Lance/Canary to join back up with the League. We can guess thanks to previous episodes that Sara will decline, forcing Nyssa to employ another tactic to get to Sara.

Check out some photos below:






Law actually originally auditioned for the role of Shado but lost out to Celina Jade, still the producers were over the moon for her so they found her another role she could thrive in.
Check out the debut in the episode next week Feb. 5th.

Source: IGN

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