Larfleeze #7: A Family Affair

by Eric Thompson
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Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis are at the helm of another adventure for the wielder of the orange light, Larfleeze. In the latest issue of Larfleeze, the title character is still on a quest to save his butler. Will he find Stargrave?


LARFLEEZE_7 Larfleeze is once again shown as a very powerful character. It can be easy to forget how incredibly strong and determined he is, because of the light nature of the book, but he is the only orange lantern because he defeated all of the others. Taking down anyone with a power ring is no easy task (including B’dg), and his ability to take on two goddesses at the same time is an entertaining reminder that he isn’t someone to underestimate. The art truly fits the lighter tone of the book and is somewhat refreshing compared to many other books coming out these days.


While it is nice to see a bit lighter of a book in the DC Universe, I can’t help but want a bit more depth to Larfleeze. It becomes more and more difficult to be emotionally invested in a character that is consistently the butt of a joke. Since the introduction of the character, Larfleeze has become less and less of an intimidating or dangerous wielder of the orange light. It would be nice to see a return to form.




This book doesn’t necessarily do anything wrong, there just seems to be something missing. Honestly, I wish there were more I could say about this book, but there really isn’t. It leaves you wanting more, but not in the most positive of lights.

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