CW’s The Flash Also Casts “Vibe”

by Joey Garces
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In addition to the recent announcement of Candice Patton joining the cast as Iris West, reports say that Broadway performer Carlos Valdes will join the show as Cisco Ramon aka Vibe.

Not usually a well known character, Vibe was brought to the forefront by Geoff Johns as one of the founding members of the Justice League of America. During his run with the JLA Vibe also had his own series written by Sterling Gates until it was canceled in December 2013.

carlos vibe


It’s hard to say yet how important a role Cisco Ramon will play in the show as the only details offered about the character were, “mechanical engineering genius”.
Even though the “Arrow” universe doesn’t have too much superpowers present, you have to believe if they have The Flash running around, sooner or later Ramon will gain his ability to produce shock waves from his hands.

This will be the first major television appearance for Valdes as his only claim to Broadway is the play “Once”.

Source: ComicBookResources

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