Are the Signs Pointing to The Rock Playing John Stewart?


Whoo-Whoo all aboard the rumor-train! For this specific rumor though we actually have credible evidence supplied by The Rock himself. His Rock-ness recently uploaded a picture of himself on Instagram in the gym with his trainer dated a mere couple weeks after his initial meeting with Warner Bros.

In the picture, which you can see below, The Rock gives a caption that says the following: “#JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss”.

john stewart

Most of you already know who Stewart is but for those that don’t, John Stewart is a fan favorite Green Lantern who was featured prominently in the beloved Justice League Unlimited show back on Cartoon Network.

gl john

Now besides the picture, The Rock has already confirmed that he and Warner Bros/DC Comics will “be doing big cool things in 2014”. He’s tweeted a lot of pictures with Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara so it seems like The Rock is teasing us all big time.

And to only add more fuel to the fire, The Rock took to Twitter again recently and played coy as he responded to the potential news of him playing the Green Lantern John Stewart.

“All I said was.. RT: @IGN: Did @TheRock reveal that he’s playing John Stewart/Green Lantern?

Mhm don’t tease us anymore Rock! If he is in fact playing Green Lantern then this sequel and franchise gains another A-list star and a huge action junkie, this definitely gives a new sense of excitement to the movie as we see the cast of the Justice League rounding out.

The Justice League movie is said to start filming immediately after the completion of Batman vs Superman and that all members of the League will appear in BvS in some capacity, there to build up the hype no doubt.

Source: Yahoo