Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey Confirmed for Arrow

In lieu of last week’s episode on “Arrow” where Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) shows up to recruit Bronze Tiger to work off his sentence as a part of “a squad”, the “rumor-train” has been chugging along.

Fans have been clamoring for any sort of confirmation that the Suicide Squad will be next to appear on the hit show, that has been featuring more and more DC characters this season. and it looks like the Suicide Squad along with Birds of Prey has been confirmed.

suicide squad

“Arrow” producer Greg Berlanti said the following regarding both DC teams:

“Those are all things that are coming up – our own versions of those things. It’s now been revealed that Slade is in cahoots with Brother Blood (Kevin Alejandro) and so we have a two-pronged approach to the big bad of the year which has been fun and different. That’ll really heat up.

Every year we do one episode that’s more primarily an all-island episode and the wraparounds for that – the story that’s happening in the present – is a direct confrontation between Oliver and Slade. You’re seeing where they went south – what truly happened with them in the past. And if we do it right, that’s going to be really terrific.”

In regards to Birds of Prey, fans have speculated the possible team up since Caity Lotz joined the cast as Canary as well as Jessica DeGouw already appearing as The Huntress. Now we know sooner or later Huntress will make her return to the show, maybe even bringing along Nightwing, and in some way will have an interaction with Canary.

birds of prey

For the Suicide Squad, we’ve already seen a couple members who have been on the team in the comics, Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, and Count Vertigo. Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke has also been apart of the team for a stretch of time so perhaps we might see it in the show.

What do you all think of the news, are you excited? Let us know!

Source: Blastr