Bill Finger—The real creator of Batman

Many Batman fans recognize Bob Kane as the creator of Batman. However, very few credit the man who actually created the Batman that we know today. From Batman’s origin story to his Bat suit, Bob Finger has been the man behind it all. He is the Nikola Tesla of the DC Universe, the secret creator of the Dark Knight. Finger has created the Batmobile, Gotham City, and many other essential parts of Batman’s story.


My idea was to have Batman be a combination of Douglas Fairbanks, Sherlock Holmes, The Shadow, and Doc Savage as well,” Finger explains.  If he were alive today, it would be his 100th birthday. Many authors and Batman fans have petitioned to give Bill his own Google Doodle for the anniversary. Wether or not that occurs, let’s celebrate the writers that brought us our Dark Knight.