Ben McKenzie tapped for Commissioner Gordon in Fox’s “Gotham”

by Alexander Cerola
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Ben McKenzie of Southland fame has been announced hours earlier to be Fox’s choice for a young Jim Gordon in Batman origin seres “Gotham.”

The television show will focus on Gotham City and the adventures of beat cop Jim Gordon, following him as he rises through the ranks of the Gotham City Police Department along with several villains that will make early cameo appearances. As we all remember, the young Bruce Wayne will be featured heavily in some sort of supporting character role to his first appearance of Batman.


Ben McKenzie is no stranger to Gotham City having played a young Bruce Wayne/amateur Batman in the DC animation Batman: Year Zero.

Combination of his previous Southland work and his experience working with DC in the past leads this writer to adore Fox’s choice. He somewhat resembles a young Gary Oldman.

Source: Variety 

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