Warner Bros plans Animated Movie for Batman: Arkham video game series

Fresh off the success of Batman: Arkham Origins it seems that Warner Bros. is now looking to capitalize even more off the video game series, they are currently developing an animated film called Batman: Assault on Arkham based on the games’ storyline.

The Batman: Arkham series is perhaps one of the most successful series in all of video game history and Warner Bros will now add that storyline to the shared DC universe they are creating with future DC movies.

arkham game

The shared universe began with the recently released Justice League: War, only to be followed by the upcoming Son of Batman. This is the first time where DC animated films will have the same continuity within each other, the same Batman we saw in Justice League: War is the same Batman we will see when he meets his son Damian.

jl war

Director Jay Oliva, who directed both previous movies, will also helm Batman: Assault on Arkham.

Troy Baker, who played Joker in Batman:Arkham Origins, will reprise his role and Nolan North will play Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot.

Warner Bros. hopes to put out a minimum of two animated movies per year to add to the new shared universe though that may be subject to change.

Source: VentureBeat