Review : The Dead Boy Detectives

by Ali Marie
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Issue #1

Edwin Pain and Charles Rowland have made the leap from “The Sandman” trilogy into their own phantasmal world of mystery and adventure as the ghoulish detectives return to the comic world.

The excitement of a heist quickly throws the supernatural PI’s for a loop when their involvement offers more than they bargained for after a close call for young girl, Crystal, whose parents cultivate their celebrity through eccentric and sometimes alarming risks.

Following the harrowing ordeal, Edwin and Charles take an interest in Crystal, an interest in her safety which inadvertently leads them to the last place they ever expected to return, the nefarious place where they embarked in life after death; Saint Hilarious.

Issue #2

Diving in, Charles and Edwin follow Crystal back to the darkest of schools, ominous aura and an unsavory history haunt it and it residence.  Crystal has learned quickly she may have made a mistake in attending, weird teachers; suspicious activity and an array of bullies keeps Crystal in an introverted isolation, but perhaps a friend is in the stars?

In the meanwhile, the ghoulish fellows are back stepping, trying to find answers to their deaths only to find Charles` body was no longer hidden.

Dead Boy Detectives

Positives: The main characters are extremely likeable and charming, their personalities blending together as a cast amiably; all the while the plot is riveting, with an enduring and unexpected eerie helix that leaves you eagerly turning the page for more; the artwork is exceptional as its reminiscent to the golden age of comics which really gives it a nostalgic edge.

Negatives: The story-lines feel detached and completely irrelevant to the initial synopsis


Thus far “The Dead Boy Detectives” is never without mystery and always leaves you asking Who, What, Where, Why and How. I  rate this comic 4.0/5 and recommend it to those who love a good mystery combined with clever humour.

Rating: 4/5

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