Review: Injustice Year 2 #3

by Dylan Croll
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As you all know Tom Taylor is continuing his work with the hit comic series “Injustice Gods Among Us” based on the popular video game of the same name, but could the series be too big for a comic book?


In this months issue of Injustice we start off on Oa, home world to the green lantern corps, and more importantly the guardians of the universe, who are discussing the current state of earth and it’s “heroes”. Convinced they should intervene the guardians ask Guy Gardner to asses the situation and report back to them.
Gardner is skeptical at first but agrees when he learns of Kyle Rayner’s disappearance (see issue #2, I’m serious it was epic).


Now as much as I enjoyed the opening pages of this comic I have to say the rest of it is just bad. We start with Hal Jordan crashing a plane (truly a shocking moment -_- ) but just before he crashes he uses his ring to stop the plane. After the near crash, Carol Ferris talks to Hal, asking why he had the ring with him, because according to this issue Hal never has the ring on when flying. This ends up leading to my biggest issue of the issue, Carol is seemingly fine with the fact that Hal is working with the guy who killed, no, murdered his best friend, who was about to become a father. I can’t stress the stupidity of that enough. Lastly at the end of the comic Hal and Barry (Flash) break into congress and lock them inside. My issue with this is how relaxed Barry looks.
Not the face of a man with a major confliction going on in his head, seriously, his friend died (I believe he and green arrow were friends) and before that he even had major issues with Superman’s regime but in this panel he’s just like whatever.

Maybe it’s just the hype created from last issue, but I was expecting so much more and this issue just didn’t deliver. I honestly think this is too big of a story with too many characters to fit into the tiny amount of pages they release per month. They could split it into Injustice: Regime and Injustice: Insurgence easily and double their cash flow. Go Big or Go Home.

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