For Valentine’s Day We Present Our Top Ten DC Couples

In honor of this day of love, we’ve taken some time out to put together a list of our favorites couples in DC history, so read on and enjoy!

10. Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon

dick and barbara


From their days as Robin and Batgirl, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon couldn’t help but gravitate towards each other.  Their passion for the job exuding from them and Dick was the first to fall in love, Barbara was more hesitant due to the age difference(she’s older by a little). After Barbara was paralyzed in The Killing Joke she and Dick started dating and even got engaged, sadly it didn’t reach fruition. In the New 52 though, the pair hasn’t officially dated but you can tell they have feelings for one another.

9. Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris

hal and carol


When they’re not busy being a Green Lantern and Star Sapphire, Hal and Carol have maybe the best love/hate relationship of the DC Universe. Carol Ferris was always reluctant to give in to her feelings for her employee Hal Jordan but it’s hard to deny a guy with more willpower than anyone perhaps. When she became Star Sapphire she and Green Lantern would duel constantly, without her knowing it was actually Hal, until finally after countless defeats she learns his true identity. They now have an on-again off-again relationship that is always fun to see unfold.

8. Ralph and Sue Dibny

ralph and sue


This world wind romance between Sue and the Elongated Man began when he crashed her debutante ball claiming there were jewel thieves about, in order to catch a glimpse of her. They then became married and Sue stuck by Ralph’s side always, even serving as an administrator for the Justice League.

7. Batman and Catwoman

bat and cat


It’s hard to gain attention of the Dark Knight in a relationship aspect, but Selina Kyle knows just how to push Batman’s buttons. This on-again off-again flirtatious pair is one of the funnest relationships to see as Catwoman uses her manipulating tactics to make Batman uncomfortable to the point where he has to give in and admit his feelings for her as well. The two of them really steal the stage together in Batman: Hush. 

6. Barry Allen and Iris West

barry and isis


Iris West was a reporter for Picture News until she fell in love with tardy Barry Allen. She learned that he along with her nephew Wally, moonlight as The Flash and Kid Flash.  Eventually they get married and become one of the powerhouse couples of the Justice League.

5. Alec Holland/Swamp Thing and Abby Arcane

SWAMP thing


In the New 52 Abby Arcane seeks out Alec Holland to help her save her brother from bonding with the Avatar of the Rot. Once that happens they slowly but surely fall in love until Abby gets captured herself and becomes transformed to the Queen of the Rot. Swamp Thing comes to the rescue to save her but gets badly injured but they manage to get away and continue their love for one another.

4. Aquaman and Queen Mera

aquaman and mera


Thought to be an enemy to Atlanteans initially, King Arthur looked past that once he met his future Queen Mera. Mera was the queen to be for another underwater civilization Xebel, but left that in favor of Atlantis. After falling in love, Aquaman learns that Mera was initially sent to him in order to assassinate him but she couldn’t go through with it. They moved on and even had a child, Aquababy.

3. Green Arrow and Black Canary



When they first met in the Justice League of America, to say Dinah Lance didn’t like Oliver Queen is an understatement. She, the more serious type did not agree with his comical take on everything.  Eventually they fell in love and got married. Most notably they were the “it” couple during the Justice League Unlimited run and have made appearances in the CW’s Arrow. Unfortunately they have yet to appear together in the New 52, but we’re always ready!

2. Superman and Lois Lane



Pretty much the “it” couple of all of DC history, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are as close as they come.  Their relationship goes back around 70 years and they laid the groundwork for all future relationships. Both serve as reporters for the Daily Planet and they mutually benefit from their relationship with each other, Lois saves Clark from emotional turmoil time and time again, and Clark just saves her life in general.

1. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle



Maybe they’re not romantically involved but there’s no way you can leave out the greatest bromance in DC History. Each of them was always deemed as the odd man out looking in, in regards to respect from other Leaguers. So naturally a friendship between the two would beneficial. When they both joined the Justice League International and became best friends was perhaps the funnest time to ever be a Justice League fan. From all their clever cons and schemes they won our hearts and showed us all what true friendship was.


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