Gary Oldman comments on Batfleck casting

by Eddie Burton
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Apparently Gary Oldman has more faith in Ben Affleck then most fans do. Gary Oldman, who played Commissioner Jim Gordon in the Nolan Batman trilogy recently commented on the casting of Ben Affleck as the caped crusader admitting its a difficult task to top Christian Bales performance as Batman but states that he’s very much looking forward to what Affleck will bring to the infamous comic book hero.

“He’s got a hard cowl to climb into because I thought Christian had made such a signature on it. But Ben is a wonderful actor, so I’m intrigued to see what he does.”

Gary Oldman as Commissioner Jim Gordon

Gary Oldman as Commissioner Jim Gordon

Oldman also gave Affleck some friendly advice and told him not to pay attention to the fan backlash over his casting

“All that stuff is always crazy. If you listen to the fans all the time we wouldn’t have remade Robocop, no one would have made Batman. Ben will do fine. I think he’ll do fine.”

My personal two sense is that Oldman is right. You cant focus on the fan backlash. Sometimes, we aren’t as open minded as we should be. Ben Affleck wouldn’t do another superhero role unless he felt he could bring something to it. Yes, everyone likes to reference daredevil and use that film as an argument against Ben Affleck as Batman. However, that was over a decade ago and Affleck has certainly changed since then. Becoming a much more talented actor. As well as a much smarter filmmaker in general.

Ben Affleck knows what he’s doing and will do just fine as Batman. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman though? Well, that’s a whole other article

Gary Oldman can been seen in the newly released remake of Robocop


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