Frankenstein Coming to “Batman and _______” Series

by Joey Garces
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Already set to play an integral role in the new Future’s End weekly comic, before that we will see Frankenstein spend some quality time with the Dark Knight as he steps in to the revolving door that was the “Batman and Robin” series.

The agent of SHADE already stole the scene in Issue #19 titled “Batman and Red Robin” as Batman tried to learn the secret to Frankenstein’s resurrection in an attempt to bring his son Damian back to life.

Batman and Robin 19_04


Since Damian’s death there have been a multitude of characters filling in for his position besides the Caped Crusader, most currently Two-Face.

Frankenstein is one of the prominent members of the Justice League Dark which has been picking up steam as of late. Frank is set to make his debut alongside Batman in Issue #31 titled “Batman and Frankenstein”.


Source: BleedingCool

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