Future Green Lantern of Earth Announced


Girl Power! Did I speak to soon? My apologies, it’s been announced though that there will be a new Green Lantern of Earth, and HER name is Jessica Cruz.

jesssica cruzzzz


She was hinted about in Green Lantern #20, and it looks like she is set to become a key character after the events of Forever Evil. 

For those of you who have yet to read the latest issues of the Forever Evil arc prepare yourself because I’m about to unleash some spoilers.

So after Sinestro kills Power Ring, the ring flies away saying it is going to look for a new host in “this pathetic world”. It seems like Ms. Cruz will indeed wield the ring, and set her up to possibly be a villain for some time.

DC writer Geoff Johns said the following about the new character:

“The ring itself, it’s not all about willpower, it’s not channeling anything good. When you charge it, bad things happen. It charges in a very horrible way. All of that is going to befall a young woman we are going to introduce in the DC Universe who is going to be “chosen as the new lucky owner” of this ring.”

So there you have it,  I for one thought they would develop the new Green Lantern of Earth Simon Baz a bit more before coming out with a new character, but hey this could make for some great interactions with the rest of the DC universe.

Source: BleedingCool