Review: Justice League #28

by Joey Garces
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If a person is a fan of the Metal Men and Will Magnus, then this is the issue for them! However if you were buying “Justice League” #28 on account of watching Cyborg and the development of the “Forever Evil” story arc, then maybe consider waiting until the next issue. As a single issue with no ties, this story is fantastic and sets up lesser known characters to play key roles in the not too distant future.




The great thing about the Metal Men is the fresh, upbeat attitude they exude in this world of dread and oppression. The artwork inside as well as the cover is some of the best from Ivan Reis, who continues to impress with his lighthearted art.

Geoff Johns brings back a sort of Silver Age comics feel to the New 52. Johns does a great job of giving each character their own personality and make them super likable as a team. I didn’t know too much about the Metal Men before this issue but the writing does a great job to get me up to speed with Will Magnus and his creations. To give seven characters their own mannerisms and personality is very impressive to do in one issue and that’s exactly what Johns does, so kudos to him again.
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This issue only progresses the main storyline of “Forever Evil” about five minutes from where #27 left off.  At the end of #27 Dr. Magnus is adamant to Cyborg that the Metal Men can’t help him. But apparently in this issue, if he tells their story while Cyborg gives his two cents then maybe they can help out after all! That didn’t make too much sense to me, but it’s not that big of a deal.

Also another thing, this is the second “Justice League” comic in a row that has only featured ONE Leaguer. I know the League is in dire straits right now, but I’m starting to feel antsy over the lack of Leaguers.




This is a fantastic stand alone issue that left me anticipating the showdown with the Metal Men soon to come. But I, and I am sure a lot of other people, wanted to see the story arc progress a little more than what was given. This is not a knock on the artist or writers because this issue was beautifully crafted, it just left me wanting a little more of the League. However I cannot wait to see what is to come next as I am sure with the addition of the Metal Men, fireworks are sure to follow.

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