Suicide Squad Comes to ‘Arrow,’ Now With Picture!

by Reggie Hancock

As teased by Entertainment Weekly on February 5th, the S2E16 of Arrow will entail Amanda Waller approaching Diggle for a yet-undisclosed mission, and sets him up with the Suicide Squad to get the job done! All we’ve known until today is that the Suicide Squad will include Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot. Today, however, Stephen Arnell posted a picture to his Facebook page with the caption, “Ladies and gentlemen…The Suicide Squad,” which we can only assume will be the entire team!


We can recognize John Diggle at the far right and Bronze Tiger at the far left, Amanda Waller standing front and center, as well as Deadshot standing menacingly to her left. Lesser-known members would be Lyla Michaels standing next to Diggle and Mark Scheffer or “Shrapnel,” who debuted as a member of the cast of Arrow in January.

It’s also worth mentioning that Arrow characters Clock King and Count Vertigo were on the Suicide Squad during their serialized story–might they also be joining up with Amanda Waller to atone for their sins? In the case of Count Vertigo, I’d say it’s not likely. But we’ll certainly be tuning in to find out! Episode 16, “Suicide Squad,” airs March 19th on the CW.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, Facebook

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