DC’s Naomi: Stephanie March Cast in Upcoming CW Adaptation!

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DC’s Naomi adds a touch of the law to its cast with actress Stephanie March.

The former Law and Order: SVU performer has been cast in the upcoming CW adaptation of a very recent DC character created by Brian Michael Bendis, Jamal Campbell, and David F. Walker.

DC’s Naomi – Who is Stephanie March Playing? And What’s the Show About?

March will play a recurring character called Akira, an extraterrestrial in hiding on Earth whom Naomi (Kaci Walfall) seeks out when she starts to question her own reality. March’s other credits include films such as Mr. And Mrs. SmithThe Invention of Lying, and the Law and Order spin-off series Conviction.

The series follows Naomi McDuffie, who sets out on a hero’s journey to discover her origins following a supernatural event. That search leads to uncovering startling secrets behind well-known DC superheroes. As to whether DC’s Naomi takes place in the well-established CW Arrowverse remains to be seen. And it would not be the first, as previous shows Supergirl and Black Lightning initially started on other networks before being brought into the same continuity as Arrow and spinoffs The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Then both of their realities were merged into Earth-Prime during the crossover based on Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Besides Walfall (Person of InterestThe Equalizer) and March, the series also stars Barry Watson (7th Heaven), Aidan Gemme (Dora The ExplorerTomorrowland), Will Meyers (Gotham), Mary Charles-Jones (Kevin Can Wait), Mouzam Makkar (Champions), Cranston Johnson (Filthy Rich), Daniel Puig (The System) and Camila Moreno (Lost Beyond The Stars). The series is cowritten and co-executive produced by Ava DuVernay and Arrow scribe Jill Blankenship. DuVernay’s company Array Filmworks will produce the show in association with Warner Bros. Studios.

The series is set to debut on the CW some time in 2022.

Official Source – DC’s Naomi Adds Stephanie March to New CW Series (comicbook.com)

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