David Ramsey: “Green Lantern Arc Isn’t Resolved”, Actor Claims

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David Ramsey says the Green Lantern Corps may not be out of John Diggle’s future yet.

Ever since the series of finale of Arrow, John has been bouncing around the remaining Arrowverse shows to determine the nature of the alien box that fell out of the sky. Although it seems Diggle has left this mystery behind, David says differently.

It’s not [resolved. When Eric Wallace] called me, showrunner of The Flash, and he had a pitch for me to end the saga, the Green Lantern Saga, within the Arrowverse. The reason why he did is because the Arrowverse was ending, right? It’s gonna end with Flash and all the other shows would go.


We knew, not at the time, I knew but you didn’t know yet, that Todd [Helbing] was going to reveal in Superman & Lois that the Superman & Lois-verse, if you will, exists on another planet, on a different Earth, and these characters are still alive.


The idea is perhaps there’s a world where we can explore the Flash, or maybe just Barry Allen. Maybe he is Flash, maybe he isn’t. Is Oliver Queen alive? Maybe he is. Maybe the ring is still there.

David As Green Lantern – Journey Thus Far And Could It Happen?

From SupergirlThe FlashDC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and to Batwoman, Diggle has been on a two-year journey to every scientific mind he has worked with. Comic book fans have been clamoring for this to be John – whose stepfather has the surname “Stewart” – going on to becoming the CW’s Green Lantern. Besides that tease, The Flash of Earth-90 (John Wesley Shipp) had seen Diggle in “Elseworlds” and wondered why he wasn’t wearing his ring.

What has also driven this quest is the continuous mental attacks from an unknown voice repetitiously telling him “Worlds await.” However, it was not until he circled back to The Flash, turning to the incarcerated Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanaugh), that he finally got answers. In “The Man In The Yellow Tie,” Eobard Thawne, with future knowledge, revealed this extraterrestrial box may only open if John wills it to. When this mindset finally opened the box, Diggle was bombarded with galactic imagery of what he could become, but ultimately rejected whatever this “offer” was. With the box seemingly transported back to its point of origin, Diggle resolved to get back to his family, since none of those realities he’d witnessed revealed he would.

Again, it’s not over. Rather, it’s just beginning.

Now that it has been established that Superman & Lois is not part of the slowly dying Arrowverse, Ramsey suggests this revelation is a whole new beginning:

Superman & Lois allows us to reboot the Arrowverse in a way that we didn’t really think [before. When Todd initially revealed that, there were a lot of moans and groans about “Oh, we’re no longer in the Arrowverse.” I think it was smart. It was [Greg] Berlanti’s brainchild and I think it was smart because it allows us to grow outside of the Arrowverse, which we weren’t allowed to do.


So, to answer your question is that the ring is still around. It exists in Superman & Lois, it’s been denied in the same way it was in the Arrowverse, but [John Diggle] didn’t go through the same thing.

Ramsey has directed two episodes of the series thus far, first appearing last year as Diggle and acknowledging Superman had worked with Oliver. By doing so he acknowledges that there is a Green Arrow in that dimension. If Oliver, indeed, is not dead, then it opens the door for Stephen Amell to perhaps play the role that made him famous.

Diggle returned in the second season finale to approach John Henry Irons (Wole Parks) with a request to help him go after Intergang. Could this also lead this version of John Diggle on the path to becoming Green Lantern? Will the box fall out of the sky on this world and present the same offer to Diggle? Will John make a different choice? Time will tell.

The third season of Superman & Lois has recently begun filming in Vancouver, and is set to premiere in January 2023 on The CW.

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