Mr. Freeze Finally Confirmed As Arkham Origins DLC Villian

by Anthony R. Ramirez
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After the teasers, rumors and all the speculation, DC Co-Publisher and Artist, Jim Lee via DC All Access has confirmed that Mr. Freeze will indeed be the villain for the upcoming Arkham Origins DLC.

 “Coming up tomorrow on DC All Access. We give you the latest scoop on Batman: Arkham Origins, the latest DLC featuring Mr. Freeze” Lee says on the All Access teaser.

Many fans of the game have waited for the announcement to be official since a teaser image shows an award for the “Wayne Foundation Humanitarian of the Year” that depicts a woman holding up a heart-shaped diamond with shards of ice in the background.


Mr. Freeze, originally known as Dr. Victor Fries, put his wife Nora into a cryogenic slumber in order to cure her of a fatal disease. In the New 52, Freeze’s origin has changed where he is more of a psychopathic criminal than his previous origin.

Are you looking forward to the new Mr. Freeze centered DLC or will you pass on it? Let us know in the comments section.

Tune in to DC All Access and DC Comics News for all the latest on the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins DLC.

Source: DC All Access

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