Review: Red Hood and The Outlaws #28

Red Hood and The Outlaws #28 ties up some old RHTO loose ends that fans may have forgotten about while simultaneously setting us up for a new arc in James Tynion IV and Stephen Segovia. Red hood and the gang find themselves settling down on Elysium (island, not space station). Are our heroes and heroines safe in paradise or is there something more sinister a foot? Only a quick glance will tell! Stay tuned DCN denizens!

It’s great to see that Kori and Roy are breaking down walls with their childishly overly complicated relationship and in one panel, we finally see the maturity in such brevity that’s it’s almost fun watching our angst ridden, cliche’ 90’s badasses show some 2000’s story telling.

"Looks like we made it~"
“Looks like we made it~”

James Tynion IV is pulling no stops with this upcoming arc, referencing revenge in the name of the gangsters that Red Hood has violated. It’s clear that Tynion IV is setting us up with an international crime syndicate who’s wealth and power seem incalculable. No more scifi escapes or spiritual ventures, it seems we’re getting a straight up gang war for the next coming arc. Nothing like a fresh view on Jason Todd and crew.

Another plus. Starfires holographic imager. Always wondered why she never had one in the first place seeing how New 52 world is totally ‘not knowing of aliens’ though they’ve been invaded and saved by ones on almost a monthly basis. One just wonders if Amanda Waller runs around the globe with a MIB ‘neuralizer.’ Still! It’s simply amazing that we finally have a method of having Kory interact with the known world. This leads up to many more ‘fish out of water’ gags and possibly Starfire developing as a character. The war hardened battle princess is fun, but let’s get some layering on there.

Also wouldn’t mind Roy Harper and Green Arrow interacting a bit more in the 52 world, but hey what can you do?


Stephen Segovia’s art felt a bit off this issue. Faces were off symmetrically and at times anatomy was impossibly contorted. All in all, it was a solid issue but with some minor art hiccups.

Eh. Like a cross between The Mandarin and Lex Luthor.
Eh. Like a cross between The Mandarin and Lex Luthor.

New villain pretty bland. Set up felt ham-fisted.


Rating: 3/5

It’s simply an okay issue, taking us through the motions leading up to a whole new arc and adventure with The Outlaws. Segovia’s art suffered a bit but it’s probably just a minor hiccup, comic artists and writers are busy folks taking on multiple contracts so I wouldn’t think too much of it. Segovia is generally an awesome artist.


Same here. RHTO is going to be fine.
Same here. RHTO is going to be fine.