Batman: Arkham Knights To Be Announced Tomorrow

by Anthony R. Ramirez
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According to both websites Newsarama and Bleeding Cool, the new Batman Arkham game which seems to be titled, Batman: Arkham Knights will be announced on tomorrow’s DC All Access.

“We can confirm that, yes, they are. And it makes a perfect opportunity to announce the new Batman game from DC Entertainment, Batman: Arkham Knight to follow… all the other Arkham games” says Bleeding Cool writer, Rich Johnson.

The DC Comics centered web show will have its first video game themed episode. So it makes perfect sense for the new Batman game to be announced. Also, leaked photos of a new Batman logo that has been seen at GameStop stores already have been causing many fans to speculate a new game is around the corner.

batman banner new

Vice President of Product Development of WB Games, Ames Krishen who is shown in the DC All Access teaser also mentions brand new news that we won’t want to miss.

So let us all hope that Batman: Arkham Knights is really announced tomorrow! Because, I for one, cannot wait to play a new Batman video game!

Be sure to tune to DC All Access tomorrow and DC Comics News for more on Batman: Arkham Knight.

Sources: Newsarama and Bleeding Cool

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