Is This A Leaked Picture of Ben Affleck’s Batman?

by Joey Garces
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Another day, another speculation, today a “leaked” image of Ben Affleck as Batman has hit the webs. This has not been confirmed by anyone yet it hasn’t been ordered to be taken down yet, so take that as you want. This would be the first time we’ve seen anything relating to the Man of Steel followup and it’s big especially due to the rumors come about in regards to Batman’s costume.

ben afleck man of steel batman


The image first originated on Instagram and made it’s way over to the forums of  While we can’t confirm it’s Ben Affleck that chin sure does look familiar.  If this is in fact the costume for the movie, it looks like the costume designer took a lot of ideas from Jim Lee’s take on Batman in the New 52 comics.

From the picture first thing that pops out is the white eyes. Fans have been on the fence about whether they want the clear white eyes from the comics or to be able to see Bruce’s eyes. I’m on the side for the white eyes so I’m pretty pumped up if this is in fact the legit costume.

Next is the short ears, another dig from Jim Lee’s Batman. Previous movies have always had Batman’s ears long so this would be quite the change. What do you guys think about the potential costume? Digging the Jim Lee interpretation? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page!

Source: Comicbookmovie

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