Forever Evil #7, Justice League#29 and Nightwing #30 Delayed

by Joey Garces
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If you felt like the “Forever Evil” story arc was dragging on a bit, then perhaps you should sit down. Originally #7 was slated to come out next week on March 26th, but now we’ll have to wait TWO MORE MONTHS.

forever evil 7

Today though we can see on the DC Comics official website that the final issue of “Forever Evil” is going to come out on May 21st, ugh.

justice league 29

And that’s not all, other issues have slipped back as well. Justice League #30 is pushed back to May 21st and Nightwing #30 will come out May 28th.

This is not a good look for DC Comics as they are in the midst of their biggest story arc at the moment. There is no official reason yet why these multiple titles are pushed back so keep an eye out. Until then stay strong my friends.

Source: BleedingCool

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