Harley Quinn in Arrow?

by Daryl Keogh
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Harley Quinn in Arrow back stage

With a brief appearance in the episode “Suicide Squad” the Arrow fans were a-buzz with the inclusion of what people believed to be none other than the Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn. The fact that the character is heard saying “Do you cuties need some counselling? I’m a trained therapist” suggets who she is. A photo was released by Deadshot himself, Michael Rowe, at the end of last week not only hinting but confirming people’s theories that Harley Quinn will make an appearance in Arrow. The image itself is a ‘behind the scenes’ image of the cast including Deadshot, Shrapnel, Bronze Tiger and Amanda Waller. Harley’s appearance, as executive producer Marc Guggenheim said in an interview  was only supposed to be an Easter egg appearance and didn’t expect the amount of feedback from the internet he got.

All we saw of her was the back of her head with blonde pigtails. The voice would seem familiar, maybe it’s the fact the Tara Strong, the voice of Harley in the Arkham games and many of the Batman animated movies. Tara will also be reprising her role as Harley in the up and coming Arkham Knight game.
There are hints that it is Harley Quinn due to the fact that the character is described as a “Deranged Squad Female”.  Executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed that Harley Quinn did make an appearance in the series.
This could be a look ahead to what could be happening in the current season of Arrow. All I know is I am very excited for the rest of the series and more news. 

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