Latest ‘Arrow’ Easter Egg Revealed

by Joshua Raynor
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Whenever watching a movie or television show based on a comic book, the audience is always on the look out for any references to other things in the comic world, known as “Easter Eggs”.  Well, Arrow producer, Marc Guggenheim, has officially released their most recent one.

Ferris Air

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Ferris Air on the series.  In season 1 we saw a Ferris aircraft shot down over the island.  But this is something that holds a bit more weight, coming straight from the producers Twitter page.  Even it’s tagline is a reference to Green Lantern, “We fly without fear”, something that the entire corps lives by.  So why is this so special?  Well, Green Arrow and Green Lantern have quite an interesting history together, even having a shared comic book title (Green Lantern/Green Arrow) for nearly a decade.

First issue of ‘Green Lantern/Green Arrow’

Pretty much every episode has some sort of reference, no matter how big or small it may be.  In the very first episode we get official tease for Deathstroke, who has become the major antagonist in season 2.

Deathstroke Mask

They’ve also included references to Blue Beetle (Kord Industries), Mr. Freeze (MacGregor’s Syndrome, the disease killing Clock King, is the same one that took the life of Nora Fries, Mr. Freeze’s wife), Harley Quinn (shown from the back in the episode “Suicide Squad”), Black Adam (his homeland of Khandaq), DC & the number 52 (Officer Lance’s call sign is Delta Charlie 5-2),  and even Nightwing (Blüdhaven).


This is just a short list of the many comic book references found throughout this series, and of all of them, this new one is by far my favorite.  Ever since the introduction of Green Arrow on CW’s other hit superhero show, Smallville, I have been waiting for a GL/GA team up, and this may finally be it.  The only thing, however, is that Arrow is much more grounded than Smallville was, and I have a hard time seeing how they would fit a character like Green Lantern into the series.  But with the upcoming Flash series, perhaps there’s hope after all, possibly even a GL/Flash crossover.  A guy can dream, right?

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