David S. Goyer Talks up MCU & Sandman

As much as we would love to have a shared cohesive DC cinematic universe, Man of Steel screenwriter David Goyer spoke to IGN regarding that, unfortunately nothing confirmed or set in stone, in fact he explicitly stated that sharing the Television shows with the Man of Steel universe is too early *sad face* No Ollie in MOS 2.


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However, on the Man Of Steel Sequel – Batman vs Superman flick, set for summer 2016 will be the first time we see the Big 3 together in theaters, it may just be the start of something great, as they are building on from Man of Steel-verse. Perhaps an Aquaman, Teen Titans or Shazam movie spinoffs in the works?

Goyer also conceded to Marvel’s success, he echoed all our thoughts in not believing Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant-Man will make it to the Big Screen, it’s hard not to admire what Marvel has done.

Also in the Interview, he spoke briefly on the much anticipated Sandman live-action project, in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt is posed to Direct and also star in,

IGN asks –

IGN: Sandman always felt like it would make sense as a TV series. Was that an approach you considered?

Goyer: I think people have tried before. Honestly, it just happened that Warner Bros. asked me if I’d take a crack at it, and I was not sure. We’re just getting into it now…


Fingers crossed the adaptation gets picked up, I believe Goyer really shines when it comes to supernatural and/or magical themed projects.


What obscure DC characters would you like to star their own Movie (my money is on Teen Titans)?

General thoughts on a Neil Gaiman’s Sandman adaptation, if will happen or not?

And, why not incorporate Arrow’s Amell with Batfleck and Cavill, is it just me or wouldn’t that be awesome?

Share your thoughts and check out the entire IGN interview.

Source – Digital Spy