Batman Vs Superman Early UK Release

by Al Basharu
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Over the recently announced showdown between Marvel & DC for the 2016 summer blockbuster, it has created genuine turmoil amongst Comic fans in deciding on what to watch first. The Box office showdown of Batman/Superman vs Captain America 3, UK film goers may not need to make that tough decision,

The UK Film Distributor’s Association recently set its 2016 summer movie releases, what to mention is that WB/DC’s unnamed Batman vs Superman project was announced in the UK for 29th of April, a week just before it comes out in the United States (6th May, 2016).

It isn’t the first time we have heard of movies releasing Internationally before the United States, film studios has found it favorable as they are looking to be cashing-in big internationally, also noted that opening first in foreign territories has provided positive reviews and non-forgetting the currency exchange rates.


The main question is will Marvel studios also opt to a 29th April UK release? As UK resident myself, I am over the moon we will be watching before the United states once again 😉 that I kind of not want Cap 2 for this date, **fingers-crossed**


What will you be watching first, and who do you think will be the bigger hit in the BoxOffice…..BatFleck, am I right?

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Source – CinemaBlend, LaunchingFilms

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