Batman ’66 Honours 75th Anniversary

by Al Basharu
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If by an unforgivable chance or sheer ignorance that you were not aware, the Batman Television series from the 60s, starring Adam West as Batman has been adapted and re-imagined into Digital and print comics.

The ongoing title’s scribe Jeff Parker (Batman ’66, Aquaman) spoke on WGN Radio 720AM, Chicago’s Very Own radio station with Host Dave Plier for the 75th Anniversary of the Dark Knight.


Jeff Parker explained how much the late 60s show meant to him, how he would watch re-runs in his younger days, though the series ended on its 3rd season, 20th Century Fox would air episodes. Jeff Parker and so many others are thankful for the show as it opened the gates for so many into Bat-Fandom and Comics in general. He stated that it embraces camp but still remained cool for its time, he says –

‘It really embraced the mood of the 60s, it had a kind of zeitgeist at the time, where it’s just like; you know what…we are totally walking out here in colourful outfits and that’s the way crime is gonna get solved’

Being the 1st comic title that DC Entertainment demonstrated for the widely popular and successful DC SQUARED (DC^2), Jeff Parker was excited to jump on-board, especially that the rights recently releasing later this year for DVD. Also with the opportunity of growing popularity of digital comics, panal by panal interactive reading, including the famous Batman’s ‘Biff! Bang! Kapow!’ punches really hitting home. He agrees this form of storytelling is the future of comics especially with the recently announced Amazon acquiring Comixology.


Also posed for a summer release, the Hollywood babble brothers Kevin Smith & Ralph Garman will be scripting  ‘Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet’ just in time for Batman’s 75th.


Are you a closet Adam West Batman fan?

Have you checked out the awesomeness of DC^2 over on the DC Comics app?

And did you know Alex Ross will be doing the Covers for, ‘Batman’66 Meets the Green Hornet’ yep, you heard right!

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Source – WGN

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