New ‘Batman Beyond’ Short Unveiled At WonderCon 2014

by Joshua Raynor
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This year’s WonderCon has put on quite the celebration for Batman’s 75th anniversary, and on Saturday, a new animated short was unveiled.  Check it out here, exclusively from Yahoo! Movies, before it’s official television release on Wednesday, April 23 at 6:30pm after a new episode of Teen Titans on Cartoon Network.

This new Batman Beyond short, commissioned by DC Entertainment from award-winning writer and artist Darwyn Cooke, shows the long awaited re-team of Kevin Conroy (the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman for 22 years) and Will Friedle (the voice of Terry McGinnis) in a far-too-short, minute-and-a-half of awesomeness.


Batman Beyond (known as Batman of the Future in other parts of the world) first came out in 1999, on the heels of the infamous Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures.  Set in 2039 in a futuristic Gotham City, high school student, Terry, meets an aged Bruce Wayne and trains to become the new Batman.


The series lasted for three seasons, airing from January 1999 until December 2001, with its unofficial series finale taking place in 2005 with the Justice League Unlimited episode, ‘Epilogue’.

This brand new short begins with Bruce being attacked by someone.  Terry comes in to help only to discover that the assailant is none other than Batman himself.  Well, a robot Batman anyways, in the same style as Batman: The Animated Series.  Bruce and Terry work together to defeat their attacker, but realize that he wasn’t alone.  In the final seconds of the video, they reveal a line of other Batman robots ready to attack, and each one of them is in a different style (see images below).


Left to right: Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: The Brave & The Bold, The Batman, Beware the Batman


Adam West’s 60’s Batman, Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman


Original design by Bob Kane

This is one of many new and amazing things to be revealed during this year-long celebration of the Dark Knight.  With two animated films and a video game releasing later this year, perhaps we will also finally get our first look at the brand new Batsuit to be worn by Ben Affleck in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, due out in 2016.  Perhaps we’ll see this at this years San Diego Comic Con?  I guess we’ll find out in a few more months.


Source:  Yahoo! Movies (

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