DC’s Bringing back the 3-D Motion Covers

by Cynthia Ayala
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They’re returning. Months ago, DC Comics brought forth the 3-D motion covers for “Villain’s Month”.  Not many of those were designed well, inducing headaches to those who thought, “hey those look cool” and leaving other covers dull and the 3-D motion a waste of money.  Sure, some of them were really cool ( the Doomsday, Darkseid, Riddler, Joker and Poison Ivy covers for example) but others like the Secret Society were lame, plain and making the 3-D motion moot point.

However, no matter how disgruntled DC fans were about the 3-D motion covers, they were still a success overall.  Which is why for THE NEW 52: FUTURE’S END series they are bringing back the technology.

Superman #35 3-D Motion Cover

What’s interesting about these covers however (and probably the only real reason I will buy them) is that the actual covers are shifting.  Instead of just creating covers where it looks like Darkseid’s beams or Ivy’s vines are coming at the reader, the actual cover is changing from one concept to an entirely different concept.  Just look to the right to see.

That is not the final cover for the issue, but just a sample of what the 3-D Motion covers may bring for this new arc that is going to evolving the DC comics world.  In a interview with Newsarama, Dan Didio had this to say, explaining the reasoning for the different take with the 3-D Motion covers:

All the lenticular covers — all the FUTURE’S END stories that will be told in September — will be in the titles of the ongoing series.  The covers now will also have the ability to have a ‘flicker’ effect. That means that the images change and show the transformation going on…There is a level of change that is taking place with our characters during the course of this story.”


As for production, DC underestimated the sales for the covers, causing some retailers to pick and chose among their customers in regards to sales as  3-D motion covers were sold at limited quantities.  Didio has assured that this time around that shouldn’t be an issue and believes that, after listening to retailer concerns, believes that this time around, the “the right amount of books are on the shelf.”

Maybe I should put in my order at the comic shop…just to be on the safe side.

Source: Comics Alliance, DC Comics, Newsarama

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