Earth 2: World’s End – a disaster waiting to happen?

by Cynthia Ayala
THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #1 - On Sale 5/7

THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #1 – On Sale 5/7

DC Comics has announced yet another weekly comic series: Earth 2: World’s End .  Now it has been established that this series is going to have a direct connection to the five years later story line FUTURE’S END.  Dan Didio, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher, released the following statement to Newsarama:

“We are going to have another weekly series kicking off in October that will be set in the current DCU timeline that will have direct implications on what’s happening with the five years later storyline. And you’ll see a level of connectivity that I think will help really bring into focus where we see the future of the DCU heading.”


The series is said to launch in October of this year and will have a very large creative team on the project.  The writers of the series include Daniel H. Wilson, Tom Taylor, Paul Levitz, Marguerite Bennet, and Mike Johnson while the art team will be comprised of Eddy Barrows, Jorge Jimenez, Stephen Segovia, Paulo Siqeira, and Tyler Kirkham.

Now, while Earth 2 is one of my new favorite comics within the New 52, it’s a bit slow and Taylor tends to go off on tangents within his story lines, a perfect example would be Injustice: Year One.  It had a good solid start, but then it ended somewhere in left field while the characterization was god-awful.  Then there is Daniel H. Wilson who is a novelist and hasn’t really written comics.  I’ve read comics by novelists, sometimes they’re good, but then there are times when they suck.  A perfect example would be that Batman Beyond miniseries with the Dick Grayson clone a few years back.  It was almost as if the writer was basing his comic off Wikipedia.

Earth 2: World's End

Earth 2: World’s End

So with such a large team on this comic, it’s not looking stellar.  The comic artwork suggest that Power Girl and Huntress are going to find their way back home, Val is going to take on the Superman Cowl and Earth 2 is going to be under the thumb of Apokolips.

Honestly, Earth 2: World’s End feels like a trap.  It has an interesting plot line and while it’s interesting that DC is giving readers a look at what may happen in the future, now they have to make sure that everything in the future is going to happen as they write it.  Now that could lead to a lot of trouble and discrepancies that will most likely bug the heck out of many readers.  I will be one of those readers.

It’s hard to say whether or not this series is going to do well.  Personally, I don’t see why they don’t just keep those events to themselves and build to them, letting readers see the events as they unfold.

This whole thing feels like another Final Crises.

Source: Nerdist, DC Comics Blog, Newsarama

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