‘Arkham Knight’ Delayed?

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Arkham Knight, Batman, Delayed


Although rumors will be rumors, there’s a possibility that Arkham Knight may be delayed until next year. This news comes from a Bleedingcool report. Covering events of the 2014 Wondercon they [Rocksteady] were quoted as saying that “This is no longer as 2014 project, they reminded the audience, but a 2015 project.”

The head honchos at Rocksteady have not responded, yet, so take this “confirmation” with a grain of salt. Whether or not the game will be delayed is up in the air at this point, but, if it is, fans of the Arkham series may have to hold out a little longer.

The game’s story takes place one year after that of 2011’s Arkham City. It finds our hero, Batman, fighting returning villains (Scarecrow, Two-Face & Penguin) as well as a new one (Arkham Knight). According to the developers, the Arkham Knight acts as a more “militarized version of Batman”.  The Caped Crusader is joined by Barbara Gordon, known also as the Oracle, and Commissioner James Gordon.

Arkham Knight, Delay, Batman

Pictured: Arkham Knight


On a Halloween night, after a time of peace in Gotham, Scarecrow threatens the city with a new fear toxin (and bombs to boot), driving Gothamites away. An always prepared Batman rises to the occasion as he faces a city full of criminals (with assistance from the GCPD and Oracle).

Following in the vein of the two previous games in the Arkham franchise,  Arkham Knight will be open world. With a scale five times as large as that of Arkham City, it gives the player a lot more room to ride (and launch from!) the Batmobile. The iconic vehicle itself performs a plethora of functions such as jumps, on-the-spot rotating, missile firing, and more!

Until Rocksteady says otherwise, Arkham Knight will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 14, 2014.


Source: Bleedingcool Computerandvideogames hereisthecity

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