Trinity of Sin: An Idea for DC to think about

by Cynthia Ayala

Trinity of Sin was the prelude to the Forever Evil story arc that has brought back some of DC’s greatest villains, the Crime Syndicate. The team is full of evil doppelgänger of the Justice League, the worlds greatest superhero team.

But of course, that’s an obvious one.

What this article is about, is not about the Trinity of heroes, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, but rather the trio of heroes who fight evil and sinners in hope of redemption. They are Pandora, the Phantom Stranger and the Question. Pandora opened the box, releasing the seven deadly sins into the world, the Phantom Stranger is Judas, which says everything and the Questions, whose past is still a mystery to everyone.

Trinity of Sin: Pandora

Trinity of Sin: Pandora

Now, what I would like, is for all three of them to get their own comic series together. The Pandora comic series isn’t all that great. While it was a great prelude to the Forever Evil story line and gave readers characters like Vandal Savage, but since Forever Evil, the series has lost much of its strength. The series has mainly revolved around Pandora going around trying to find a way to atone for her sins and destroy them. Pandora’s main goal has been to kill the seven deadly sins, and while it was initially interesting, the same story line has made the story incredibly slow-paced and boring.

Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger

Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger

The same goes for the Phantom Stranger series. I’m a huge fan of the series, but that is mainly due to the characterization and interesting stories. The Phantom Stranger series gave readers a strong origin story that allowed for the series to progress. However, the writing lately has used the origin story as a clutch, rather than bringing in new story arcs, it seems to be circling.

Then there is the Questions who guest stars in each series because the rage of not knowing who he is, is haunting him. The problem is that there isn’t enough of him in the DC Comic book realm lately. He’s there one minute and then he vanishes completely and readers know nothing of where’s he’s been or who he is.

Since both the Pandora and Phantom Stranger comics are lagging and they all guest star in each others series a lot anyway, they should just fuse together and become one series titled TRINITY OF SIN. The style of the series could even be like BATMAN BEYOND UNIVERSE. That’s just my opinion on the matter because here are some very strong characters with great ties to one another except each series is lacking, and doing the characters injustice.

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