Joker’s Next Return to bring Chaos

by Cynthia Ayala
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As a big fan of the Joker and love reading about him. The Death of the Family story arc was amazing, well written and gripping, allowing for the family to really be torn apart by the secrets that Batman keeps. And it’s always been known that he loves the caped crusader, that has been a part of his story creation since the beginning and was really highlighted in the R.I.P story arc before the new 52. He mourned Batman, become a different person and actually fought crime as he searched for a way for Batman to return. That was freaky.

Unhappy Joker - Clip from "The Man Who Killed Batman"

Unhappy Joker – Clip from “The Man Who Killed Batman”

Then there was that episode in Batman: The Animated Series “The Man Who Killed Batman”. Joker was incredibly unhappy about that…to say the least.

Over all, the Joker is fascinated with Batman, loves him. Not only has Scott Snyder revealed that he will be returning at the C2E2 but he has revealed that there will be more to the story. Snyder had this to say:

“Where that story was about the Clown Prince demonstrating his love of the Caped Crusader, the next story will focus on his newfound hatred of Batman. It was always a two-part story, but you’re going to have to be patient… he will be scarier than ever before.”

Batman: Joker's Daughter One Shot

Batman: Joker’s Daughter One Shot

The first hint of the Joker’s return was featured in Batman: Joker’s Daughter #1 (ONE-SHOT) by Marguerite Bennett. The issue was released on February 5 2014 and followed the girl who calls herself Joker’s Daughter as she tries to fit into her new role. Going head to head with Batman and having Joker’s face sown to herself by the Dollmaker she continues to find herself lost in who she is supposed to be. But then, in the very last pages of the one-shot her cat comes with a purple and green note attached to her. To Joker’s Daughter and any reader it’s obvious that the note was from Joker who, it appears, has been watching the young girl.

A little note from Mr. J

A little note from Mr. J

Considering the how things left of with Harley Quinn, who will always love him as stories continue to show and the relaunch of Suicide Squad which features both of Joker’s leading ladies, it will be interesting to see how the two girls are going to but heads or if Dr. Harleen Quinzel will try to help the girl. The Joker is going to come into play at some point so the ramifications of his new return will certainly be something to watch out for, especially since Snyder said “he will be scarier than ever before”.

SOURCE: Comic Book Movie

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