Nightwing: Prodigal – Episode 3 Review

by Joshua Raynor
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Episode 3 of the new series, Nightwing: Prodigal, has hit the web, and it’s titled “Riddle Me This”.

This was a good episode.  It really laid the groundwork for the big mystery of “What happened to Bruce Wayne?”  The episode starts off with Nightwing confronting The Riddler after the kidnapping of Tim Drake.  Riddler admits that the only reason for taking Tim is because he has been seen with Bruce Wayne and his “hootering friends” want to destroy Wayne.  Obviously, he was referring to The Court of Owls.

There were a couple of things that bothered me about this scene, though.  First off, why was Tim wearing a Robin shirt?  It made me feel like they were trying to be too blunt about who Tim really is (and if you don’t know then why are you watching this?).


The second issue was the fight between Nightwing and The Riddler.  It felt a little lackluster.  The end of episode 2 really got me pumped for their battle, but when it finally came, I was underwhelmed.  This is most likely due to the short runtime, which constricts the things you can do in the show.  Now, don’t get me wrong, this had nothing to do with the actors.  In fact, both Brady and Camden portrayed their characters wonderfully.  I just wish there had been a bit more to the fight.

This week’s sexy female villain is Catwoman, played by the gorgeous Kira Forster.  She definitely had the walk, attitude, and sex appeal down.  I would have loved to have seen her do some sweet acrobatic moves or even just say “meow” once.  But overall, I enjoyed her performance as Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman.  And Nightwing’s line that followed this scene was great.  “Ladies love Dick!”  Classic.


The final scene between Dick and Theresa was perfect, though I wasn’t quite sure if they slept together or not, because it seemed like they did from some of the dialogue and the fact that it was definitely morning.  The reveal at the end with Theresa being a member of The Court of Owls was huge.  And using the poem was awesome, although I did notice that they changed “The Talon” to “Bane” in the last line.  I assume this was done because it’s easier to introduce a well known character in such a short period of time than someone like The Talon, who most casual fans may not know about.

Court of Owls

Overall, this was a very enjoyable episode and has made me very excited to see what happens next.  Episode 4 will be released next Monday (5/12), so make sure to check it out and check back here for my review.

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