Wonder Woman needs a Relaunch

Woman Woman comics, isn’t over all the best comic series. Sales continue to drop, just look at the picture below.

The series has been stagnant, carrying on the same plot since the beginning with Wonder Woman caring for a baby that isn’t even hers. All you have to do is look at the comic covers, on the issue of the upcoming #32, the baby is tied to her back by her lasso of truth. The lasso of truth is a weapon, it is not a baby harness, and to be used as such not only diminishes the lasso’s power, but it also diminishes the comic book and Wonder Woman herself.

Wonder Woman #32
Wonder Woman and baby – does anyone take this seriously?

Wonder Woman’s origin has also been altered, and not for the best. While it was interesting that she was made of clay as a gift from the gods, turning her into a Goddess detracts some of her natural charm. No longer is she gifted because she earned those gifts, earned the strength and power she has, now it is just given to her because she is the daughter of Zeus. And her characterization is far too dark. Azzarello did a magnificent job in his FLASHPOINT: BATMAN story arc, tapping into the true dark edge that haunts Batman and turning Bruce’s parents into Batman and Joker. It was a story with a lot of edge. However, that edge just doesn’t work with the established Wonder Woman characterization.

The Holy Comic Trinity -Wonder Woman is the balance
The Holy Comic Trinity -Wonder Woman is the balance

It’s understandable that with the New 52 the writers wanted to reinvent characters, but there are just some things that can’t be changed, some aspects of a character that can’t be altered. Wonder Woman is part of the Trinity, the balance between Superman, the optimist, and Batman, the pessimist. Wonder Woman is the realist, and her lasso of truth highlight that. As a strong character, she has the edge and the strength to do what they cannot. Just look at the Sacrifice story line when she snapped Max Lord’s next for instance. Wonder Woman can do what Superman and Batman cannot, making her the balance.

Star Sapphire Wonder Woman - true beauty
Star Sapphire Wonder Woman – true beauty

Nevertheless, that does not mean she is a dark character and by no means excuses the writing direction to make her the new God of War. Ares has always been her Lex Luthor, and Azzarello is taking away from that. Not only is he removing a fundamental part of her history, he is blinding readers to her most essential and captivating attribute: her ability to love. All readers have to do is look back at Blackest night, a story arc that still exists (thank you Geoff Johns). Out of all the rings to find her, it was Love that latched onto her. Love is the driving nature behind wonder woman that gives her character the strength she needs to fight and protect everyone around her.

Additionally, there is the artwork by Cliff Chiang. His aesthetics are dark; they have this essence that would better suit SWAMP THING or FRANKENSTEIN AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. Wonder Woman comics isn’t working and it’s no surprise that the series isn’t doing that well in terms of sales. The writing is uncharacteristic and the artwork doesn’t help. Lining and shading are far too dark and the interpretation of the Gods, while unique, don’t attract readers.

Personally, I would like this series to relaunch so that it can just start over from scratch, or not even from scratch, just restart. If not, then a change in creative team would be most appreciative. As soon as possible please.

Source: Straightened Circumstances, Comic Book Resources

Star Sapphire Wonder Woman - true beauty