Jesse Eisenberg talks Lex Luthor.

Jesse Eisenberg has recently talked about his role as Superman’s Arch nemesis and addressed a few areas fans wanted to see addressed.
While talking to Eisenberg said that this Luthor will be played by a different person who will bring a different interpretation to how the character acts and looks. Unlike the Kevin Sacey Lex in Superman Returns this Luthor will be younger would fit in the dark world that director Zack Snyder set up in Man of Steel.

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Could Eisenberg’s angle for this role be a Zukerberg like character, smart, wealthy and have a draw to power. It would be great to a young take on Luthor more of a modern business man. Making him younger also opens a wide look at a back story for Lex.  Eisenberg went on to say that he can’t talk about whether or not Luthor will be bald or not simply saying “I’m not allowed to say anything, because of their privacy.” But readers have seen a non-bald Lex before in Superman: Earth One. So it will be interesting to see how the character turns out.

The other casting that has had some fans in doubts is the one of Alfred Pennyworth being played by Jeromy Irons. The Borgias star was cast as Batman and Bruce Wayne’s butler at the same time as Jesse Eisenberg. In an interview in March Irons said that he watched Michael Caine’s performance closely but he said that his Alfred is going to be different.

Joining the already star-studded cast recently was Ray Fisher as Cyborg and with filming beginning soon enough Warner Bros may be looking to pluck up a few more roles in the near future.
Batman Vs Superman will be hitting screens near you on May 6th 2016.